May 13, 2019 – May 19, 2019 all-day

HEI Connect: A pop-up interactive for kids

May 13-19 at the Nordic Museum

Calling all kids!

In connection with our second annual Nordic Innovation Summit, we are partnering with HEI Schools to feature a children’s pop-up from Helsinki.

We are hosting a “HEI Connect,” a program HEI Schools uses to connect children in different locations all over the world. Kids can write a card and stamp their handprint to be sent to a HEI Schools child in Finland, Australia, China or South Korea. Leave your contact information so a reply can be sent back from a new friend across the globe!

HEI Schools are forerunners in globalizing Finnish education with schools all over the world teaching values of play-based learning in a Nordic designed environment.

Join HEI Schools and make a new friend in May!

Cost: Free