June 20, 2023 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Good Shepherd Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave N
WA 98103
Finlandia Foundation Seattle Chapter

Kardemimmit is a band of four awesome musicians playing the Finnish national instrument, kantele. The band members are Maija Pokela, Jutta Rahmel, Anna Wegelius, Leeni Wegelius. The four members of Kardemimmit are in charge of their own music: they compose, as well as arrange, write lyrics and produce. Alongside 15 and 38 stringed kanteles, singing has a big part in Kardemimmit’s musical universe where original pieces with a modern approach still have a strong foundation in Finnish, Eastern European and Scandinavian traditions. The band members also want to encourage children around the world, especially girls, through their example to make music and make Finland known to the world as well as promote equality in the field of music.

Kardemimmit’s musical themes are soul sisterhood in its lows and highs, womanhood and girlhood, witchcraft, solidarity and equality, growing up together and separate, as well as love, heartbreak and jealousy. Kardemimmit’s music takes the listener to the Finnish Midsummer’s magical night when the sun doesn’t set at all. The air is filled with the ancient mystery of time standing still and nature is heartbreakingly beautiful at the peak of its bloom.

All members of the band have higher education in folk music, and the strong knowledge of tradition creates a powerful undertow of their music. The compositions and arrangements can’t be put in one box alone, and the listener could catch influences from Sufjan Stevens, Kate Bush and Moderat among others.

Kardemimmit was founded in 2000 in the musical institute Juvenalia in the members’ hometown Espoo. The long mutual history can be heard in their unique sound. The silvery tones of kantele flow together with the mesmerizing singing harmonies. In the year 2004 Kardemimmit was nominated the Band of the Year by Kantele Association in 2004 and the next year they won the International Kantele Competition. The following years Kardemimmit has been touring extensively in Europe, North America and Japan. Kardemimmit has released six albums: Viira 2006, Kaisla 2009, Autio huvila (Abandoned Villa) 2012, Onni (Happiness) 2015, Kesäyön valo (Midnight Sun) 2018 and Sisko muistatko? (Sister, Do You Recall) 2022. Kaisla was republished in 2012 as The Rough Guide to the Music of Scandinavia compilation’s bonus cd Introducing Kardemimmit. Autio huvila was chosen as the Finnish folk album of the year 2012.