The picture below and the following text was received by FFSC from Sirpa Kaikkonen (Helsinki). If you have any information about this photo, please contact FFSC at or send a message to Ms. Kaikkonen at

“I found a picture taken in Seattle in the early 1900’s in my grandparents’ photo collection. The photographer’s logo is in the lower right corner, although it is difficult to see what it exactly says, perhaps “Davot’s” or “Divot” and “Seattlewash”. I believe my grandfather’s grandfather is in the picture in the center of the first row with his hat on. As far as I know he and his sisters left Finland for America from a town named Kuivaniemi, close to Oulu, and his sisters remained in America. My grandfather’s grandfather’s name was Aukusti Kaikkonen. Perhaps somebody recognizes relatives in the picture? It would be fascinating if anybody would recognize my ancestors or anybody else in the picture.”