Seattle Finnish-American Community Rich in History

Sylvia Summerland and Sirkka Wilson

This year marks the forty-sixth anniversary of Finlandia Foundation Seattle Chapter. The women honored in the well-worn clipping above, Sylvia Summerland and Sirkka Wilson, were tremendously active in FFSC. In fact, Summerland organized the committee that oversaw the founding of our chapter and served as our first president. Wilson held the position of FFSC Circulation Manager for over twenty years and played an active and appreciated role in the Finnish-American Community.

This item was shared by longtime member Norm Westerberg. How many more clippings or photographs are hidden away in a drawer, a box or between the pages of an old favorite book? Would you like to share some memories with old friends and history with younger members? We’d love to include your stories, photos and remembrances in the newsletter!

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